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You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression, whether you are meeting a prospective client or networking with power players within your industry. How you or your employees present themselves affects not only your reputation, but also your company’s image and a mastery of business etiquette can help even the smallest businesses hold their own against their larger and more high-profile competitors.


Do you practice good business etiquette? Have you ever lost a client and didn’t know why? Have you ever forgotten a person’s name two minutes after being introduced? Do you think business etiquette is about which fork to use at a business lunch or what is appropriate to wear to a business meeting? Do you think you could you benefit from business etiquette training?


Mastery of social skills is an important weapon for social advancement and acceptance. Rules of etiquette still matter, and never out of style. It evolves to match the times.


Social Graces is an integral part of our training packages for a refined, polished  professional you.


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Esbasics was born out of my predilection to help people speak right with finesse. To impart, mentor and help transform nervous speakers into confident and eloquent speakers.

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