Intensive Diction and Social Polish Masterclass

The quality of English pronunciation and speech delivery in Nigeria has degenerated over time. The poor English pronunciation is increasingly alarming and embarrassing defying a myriads of solutions. Speaking clearly with confidence and credibility gives a lasting and positive impression of you. The way you pronounce words is a major factor in influencing people.

We provide top notch coaching for career professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, diction coaches, individuals with engaging and practical steps to speaking distinctly and eloquently, exuding professionalism to their sphere of influence. This masterclass holds every holiday in April, July/August, and December for 5 working days. We also have training programmes for 5 Saturdays specially crafted for those who work round the clock on weekdays.

For all who desire to rise above contemporaries with good diction, poise and grace. THE JOURNEY BEGINS HERE!

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Public Speaking/Presentation Skills

People have been plagued with fear, trepidation and an overwhelming lack of confidence. Some have avoided speaking opportunities, some felt unable to express their ideas, or be effective in front of an audience. Learning to be an effective, confident and powerful speaker is very much like learning to swim. You can read and study, but it all ready comes down to just ‘doing’.

Confidence feels so much better than fear and self doubt. The basic steps we have formulated for Speaking Skills Workshop will help you convert fear to energy, anxiety to enthusiasm, stand and deliver with power, poise and authority with an improved communication and social skills.

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Social Polish/ Etiquette Masterclass

It is about the conventional and standard of professional requirements as to social behaviour in any class for any occasion. Mastery of etiquette is an important weapon for social advancement and acceptance. Rules of etiquette still matter, never out of style. It evolves to match the times.

Social Polish and everything Etiquette include fine dining etiquette (Continental and American dining style) will be learnt and practiced while lunch is served. This is an integral part our total training pack for a refined, polished and professional you.

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Elocution for Children and Parents

The proof that a child had undergone diction training is the endless correction of pronunciation to his/her parents. An average parent have no idea of what speaking with the right diction and pronouncing words correctly is about.

We organise trainings for parents to complement our efforts on their children.

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School Consultancy

Education in any form is intended to achieve predetermined objectives. Thus, we assist schools to improve the quality of teaching and learning of the Oral English.

Our journey dates back to 2015 with a few schools and it has been a success story. The beauty of our work is perhaps made manifest in the intonation of the pupils. Some teachers have taken their encounter with us as a challenge to improve on their spoken English and so be able to stand tall above contemporaries.
Esbasics Diction Academy is committed to this. Within one academic year, a remarkable difference in the pupils/student's spoken English cannot but be noticed.

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Spelling Bee

We help primary, junior and senior secondary schools pupils/students discover best young spellers with intensive drill on correct pronunciation of words and spellings, develop healthy competition skills, improve self esteem with pride in academic achievement.

We organise interschool spelling competition where best spellers compete in a spelling challenge at the local government level to emerge National Champions.

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Online SpeakRight Club

In a bid to break barriers of distance and time. The Online Diction and Social Polish School was established. It is an offshoot of the academy to meet the need of participants who wants to get trained from the comfort of their homes and anywhere in the world.

Participants are fully immersed into learning elocution and acquiring skills with engaging voice notes, videos and personal recordings for personal assessment and improvement on areas where help is needed. These techniques work by scores of feedback from our online participants.

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Better English Expressions

Speaking right involves making the right sounds, choosing the right words and getting constructions grammatically correct. Going by the deteriorating use of English expressions in Nigeria especially, there is need to ‘sift’ errors from Nigerian English.

In this course, we expose some errors in day-to-day spoken and written English, providing the correct forms and usage of these expressions.

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