Speaking right in its entirety is making the right sounds, choosing the right words and getting constructions grammatically correct.

Language is the conduit of thought and like all human- specific properties, it has rules; it has order that governs how individual word combines to form acceptable and appropriate sentence in any given speech situation. This idea is general to all languages as it studies their universal features and how these are expressed in particular languages.

When we speak with the aim of making of common knowledge, an idea we have, we concentrate on our choice of words to best describe and put excellently in perspective our thought(s), we unconsciously subscribe to the rules of grammar.

Grammar is an essential language tool used in construction of sentences that are intelligible as well as acceptable. It is the quality of the knowledge of a language possessed by a speaker as inferred from the nature of what he speaks.

As the English Language is an exotic language lorded upon us and with its native speakers far removed from physical contact(at least from many) the structure and coloration of our indiviadual native languages tend to creep into our spoken English. This and other factors can get one to find him or herself in a socially awkward situations.

At ESBASICS, our seasoned language experts will help you attain effective language skills and usages that are elegant in English.

Among others, we offer a crash and intensive courses on:

  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy.
  • Sentence Construction.
  • Grammar and Grammatical Units.
  • Orthography.
  • Word choice and Order/Word and Grammar Relationships.
  • Phrase and Clause.
  • Verb and Verbal Group.
  • Tenses and Aspects.
  • Vocabulary Development.
  • Common Errors in English / Standard British English.

Esbasics was born out of my predilection to help people speak right with finesse. To impart, mentor and help transform nervous speakers into confident and eloquent speakers.

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