A great number of words at one’s disposal is essential for a powerful writing and speaking as well. It helps you choose the right word for every job and avoid ambiguous words that don’t give others a good sense of your meaning.

Building your word power is one of the effective ways to enhance your writing and make any communicating tasks in that language much easier, as you will have multiple meaning for the same word in your arsenal. Words are an indispensable part of any language. Using the right words is important to communicate our message effectively.

Knowing a word means recognizing it in its spoken and written forms, knowing its different meanings, knowing its word class, being able to pronounce it properly, being able to use it correctly,

Are you highly motivated and you desire to build your word power? Take a course today to help you communicate with punch and finesse.

Esbasics was born out of my predilection to help people speak right with finesse. To impart, mentor and help transform nervous speakers into confident and eloquent speakers.

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