Juliet Obijiaku is the Lead Trainer at Esbasics Diction and Social Polish Academy – a corporate institution duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) that is renowned for top notch training on Elocution to clients across the globe with valuable contents on diction, pronunciation, presentation skills and etiquette.

Esbasics was born out of her predilection to help people achieve competence and excellence in their spoken and written English. To mentor and help transform nervous speakers into confident and eloquent speakers. She is a certified English trainer and award winning Elocutionist with professional creativity spanning about a decade. 
She takes pride in being one of the sought-after Elocutionists and has been a noteworthy trainer in the Elocution space. You may know her from her work as the lead coach, hosting a long list of workshops and seminars with clients such as government officials, top CEOs and school owners, media personnel, religious organizations, high net individuals, career and business professionals. She is a personal coach to political holders and Nigerian public figures. 
She has trained and certified thousands individuals on Diction, Elocution, Public Speaking and Social Polish.
She has been honoured with multiple awards for her contributions to having a nation that speak and write good English. Her wealth of experience has helped thousands of individuals in their quest for success in the fields of language and communication skills.
She studied English from the University of Lagos and have attended many training programmes on Public Speaking, Elocution, and Social Graces. 
She has held a number of management positions over the past years: As a Head Coach at SpeakRight English Teaching Support Services (one of the foremost diction institutions in Nigeria) where she led team of diction coaches training, consulting, implementing and marketing strategies. 
She is the co-pioneer of ‘The Englishes’ of University of Lagos. An association of English graduates who have taken special interest in the teaching and learning of Spoken English and English varieties. 
She is the Chairperson at Ikoyi Tourist Blue (Ikeja Chapter) – an international motivational association of university professors, lecturers, CEOs professionals and entrepreneurs with the primary objective of growing and sustaining mutual, dignified and progress-building relationships among its members and its respective stakeholders. 
She is a member of the Association of Diction Coaches of Nigeria (ADCON) – a duly registered association that is emerging into a formidable force in the country. 
She is also the founder of Esbasics Kiddies Diction Club and Speak Right Club – Africa’s leading training academy amongst others. 
She has edited for authors and written for diction institutions and career professionals. She is the co-writer and editor of SpeakRight Phonetics Manuals (Volumes 1-6) for children and author of two unpublished Diction and Phonetics books. 
You can contact her via her social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook at @esbasicsdiction.

Esbasics was born out of my predilection to help people speak right with finesse. To impart, mentor and help transform nervous speakers into confident and eloquent speakers.

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